Medix Biochemica

아바바이오 사이언스는 [Medix Biochemica] 공식 수입 대리점 입니다. (Korea Distributor)

Antibodies, Biologicals, Lipoproteins 등을 제조 및 판매하는 업체
본사는 핀란드에 위치
USA 와 China 브랜치 보유
(2023년 하반기 LeeBiosolutions 흡수 합병)

Independent, International and Industry-Leading
Medix Biochemica is a market-leading in vitro diagnostics raw material supplier with Finnish roots and global branches. We produce and supply high-quality antibodies, antigens and other critical IVD raw materials to enable our IVD customers to manufacture diagnostic tests and supporting materials all around the world. Our expertise covers market segments from immunoassay, clinical chemistry and molecular diagnostics. Our capabilities include biospecimen accruals and contract manufacturing. With the most comprehensive raw material portfolio in the IVD world, and a team made up of the best minds in the business, we’re ready to shorten your time to market and build quality into every one of your tests. Across disciplines and disease areas, whatever you need, chances are we IVDo that.