Lee Biosolutions

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Proteins, Antibodies 등을 제조, 판매하는 미국소재 업체
(2023년 하반기 Medix Biochemica 에 합병되어 LeeBiosolutions 물품 주문 시 Medix Biochemica 라벨로 물품 입고 됩니다.)

Antigens | Proteins | Enzymes
We produce and manufacture high quality proteins and enzymes for a wide range of life science research and diagnostic applications through novel extraction methodologies and classical chromatography techniques.

Our affinity purified antibodies are generated and produced with high specificity and reactivity for use in labeling and immobilizations for ELISAs, Western blotting, RIA and immunohistochemistry applications worldwide.

Human Biologicals
Using advance techniques in collection, preservation and storage, our high quality biological samples and specimens play a vital role in research, development and manufacturing.

Our high purity products are used as critical raw materials in biopharmaceutical, cell culture media, clinical diagnostic manufacturing and life science research applications worldwide.