아바바이오 싸이언스는 [eNUVIO] 공식 수입 대리점 입니다. (Korea Distributor)


microfluidic co-culture and compartmentalization devices를 제조, 판매하는 캐나다 소재 업체

From our own experience, we know how cumbersome, difficult, slow, and expensive life science research can be. And unfortunately, sometimes all this hard work does not translate to the human physiology. All this can ultimately slow down the understanding and treatment of human diseases and disorders – one of the main goals of life science research. We want to help!

That is why we started eNUVIO with one goal in mind: continuously expand and improve upon the scientific toolbox of life science researchers to help push the boundaries of knowledge.

Inspired by and in close collaboration with the global life science research community, we develop unique tools that help you perform experiments that are more precise and physiologically relevant, so your experiments can be more accurate and have higher predictability. Not just that, we purposefully design them so they save you valuable time, boost your experimental data output, and require minimal technical expertise and lengthy training processes!

Let’s accelerate scientific discovery together!