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제 목 Worthington Biochemical 대리점 입니다. (Korea Distributor)
Worthington Biochemical 대리점 입니다. (Korea Distributor)  
Worthington Biochemical은 아래와 같은 제품을 취급하고 있는 미국에 위치한 바이오 회사 입니다.

Additional Use-tested Cell Isolation Kits:
Cell Isolation Optimizing System (CIT)
Hepatocyte Isolation System (HIS)
Neonatal Cardiomyocyte Isolation System (NCIS)
Papain Dissociation System (PDS)

Featured Products:
Deoxyribonuclease I

A Family Oriented Company
While we add new employees every year, approximately half of our staff has been with the company for over 25 years. Many of our employees are the sons, daughters, cousins, and siblings of current and former employees. The loyalty of our staff and the pride its members take in the company assure continuity in the quality of our products and the service we provide.

The third generation of the Worthington family is actively involved in the business and continues to dedicate its efforts and resources to the growth of the company and its product lines. Worthington has several new products that are Animal Origin Free (AOF) including STEMxyme® collagenase/neutral protease blends, myoglobin and new grades of collagenase, Types B and C.

The use of enzymes in the diagnosis of disease is one of manyimportant benefits derived from intensive research in the growingfield of biochemistry. Enzymes have provided the basis for the fieldof clinical chemistry and we have only begun to realize their importancein diagnostic enzymology.

Worthington Biochemical has been a world leader in the manufacturingof biochemicals and enzymes since 1947 and we take pride in providing ourcustomers the best in quality products and customer service. We thank youfor visiting our website and we look forward to your business.

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