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이 름 아바바이오 이메일 http://www.biotangusa.com/bt/
제 목 Biotang 의 Korea 대리점 입니다. (Korea Distributor)
Biotang 의 Korea 대리점 입니다. (Korea Distributor)

Biotang은 미국에 위치한 바이오회사로 Reagents(Kit), Elisa(Kit), Peptides, Recombienant Proteins 등을 취급하고 있습니다. 

BIOTANG Inc. is a Massachusetts-based award-winning global supplier of science products since 2006. Our scientific team is a group of scientists with extensive experience and expertise in protein biochemistry, molecular biology, and cell biology. We offer our own chemicals, reagents and recombinant proteins to aid in molecular detection, assay development & protein expression and purification. In the mean time, we distribute products from other suppliers as well. Our products cover a growing variety of high quality biochemicals, reagents, testing kits, proteins, small peptides, gene products, disposable, and benchtop equipments.
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