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ActGene 은 DNA, Protein Electrophoresis, PCR Enzymes 및 실험용 기기와 보조용품을 취급하는 미국소재 회사입니다.

Nucleic Acid Electrophoresis

- Only green agarose product in the market, manufactured using advanced proprietary technology that excludes the use of organic solvents, HyAgarose™ is a line of cleaner agarose products with significantly reduced environmental impact at improved cost efficiency delivering same reliable high quality.HyAgarose™ represents a green solution that includes our types of agarose products.

- LE Agarose Tablet delivered in blister convenient pack. Optimized gel strength and Low EEO for ease of handling, high clarity, and low background sharp band separation.

- Safe and sensitive ethidium bromide alternative, available in two formats: HydraGreen™ Safe DNA Dye, 20,000X in Water and 6x HydraGreen™ Safe Loading Buffer.

- DNA marker choices in 100bp, 1kb, and 1kb plus.  Long shelf life with room temperature storage flexibility.

Innovative Protein Electrophoresis Workflow Essentials

- HRP Marker Pen for chemiluminescent detection for Western blot.  To be easily used to write/annotate on membrane and transform to chemiluminescent markings on film.  

- Prestained markers, 10 proteins 3 colors choices, ideal for Protein electrophoresis, western blot and other product separation applications.Delivering long shelf life with room temperature storage flexibility.


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