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이 름 관리자 이메일 www.iitcinc.com
제 목 IITC Life Science 의 Korea대리점입니다.(korea distributor)

IITC Life Science 는 미국에 소재하고 있으며,  Rat/ Mouse 실험관련 기자재 제조 공급 전문업체입니다.

Welcome to IITC Life Science

We have and continue to be on the cutting edge in the fields of rat and mouse tail cuff blood pressure systems - the only truly validated tail cuff method when compared to telemetry and direct cannulation. Along with the world reknowned, patented Electronic von Frey Anesthesiometer in the field of pain research. In addition, our expertise when needed customzied research testing equipment for your lab.



다음글 Germaine Labs 의 Korea대리점입니다.(korea distributor)
이전글 USCNK의 Korea대리점입니다.(korea distributor)