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이 름 관리자 이메일 www.lunginnov.com
제 목 Lunginnov 의 Korea대리점 입니다.(korea distributor)
첨부파일 list.xls   Publications related to Lunginnov products (June 2012).pdf  

프랑스 회사인 Lunginnov (www.lunginnov.com)는 endocan (또는 ESM-1)에 대한 항체 및 ELISA kit를 전문적으로 생산하여 판매하고 있습니다.

Lunginnov now provides solutions and services to help you going through with your project. Our R&D teams offer their expertise for the production and development of monoclonal antiobodies, the development of immunoassays and the CG-cleaved endocan quantification in septic patient samples.


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  Monoclonal antibodies development Immunization, fusion, screening, characterisation, etc...

  Monoclonal antibodies production Cells culture in bioreactor, purification by gas chromatography, isotope, etc...

  ELISA immunoassay development Qualitative, quantitative, sandwich, etc...

  Quantification of CG-cleaved endocan in septic patient samples (new biomarker of endothelial dysfunction in sepsis).



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