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이 름 아바바이오 이메일 www.ranbiotechnologies.com
제 목 RANbiotechnologies 대리점 입니다. (Korea Distributor)
RANbiotechnologies 대리점 입니다. (Korea Distributor)
RANbiotechnologies 는 미국에 위치한 바이오 회사로 Neat (un-dissolved) 008-FluoroSurfactant, 008-FluoroSurfactant dissolved in common fluorinated oils (e.g. HFE7500, FC40), Fluorinated surfactants containing 등의 emulsion PCR, microfluidics and encapsulating biologicals 를 위한 제품을 제조 판매하고 있습니다.



RAN Biotechnologies specializes in the design and synthesis of fluorinated materials, such as fluorosurfactants, and in microfluidic surface coating. Our materials stabilize water-in-oil droplets for emulsion PCR, microfluidics and encapsulating biologicals, such as DNA, RNA, cells and proteins, permitting their study and interrogation.

About us

RAN Biotechnologies was founded to answer market needs for highly specialized chemicals; addressing important challenges and applications in biotechnologies. Our combined knowledge and experience in chemistry, biology, mechanical engineering and computer sciences position us at the forefront of related research and qualifies our products as highly competitive.

As a product and service company, we take pride in providing our customers and collaborators with the needed support to help them reach their goals. In addition to providing products, we are always happy to tailor modifications to accommodate specific requests. 

Our mission is to further the advancement of our customers' and collaborators’ biotechnology and pharmaceutical applications by providing the materials and services most suited for optimal performance.


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