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이 름 관리자 이메일 www.cellapplications.com
제 목 Cell Applications Inc.의 Korea 대리점입니다.(korea distributor)
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 Cell Applications Inc. (www.cellapplications.com)는 미국에 소재하고 있으며, 아래와 같은 여러 가지 primary cells을 비롯하여, cell culture reagents, human (animal) cell total RNA,  human tissue total RNA, cancer cell total RNA, antibodies 전문적으로 생산하여 판매하고 있습니다.

Excellence in primary cell isolation, optimized culture media, iPSC & stem cells, 3D cell models, bioprinting, disease models & more.  CAI's products and custom services support basic life science research and biopharmaceutical drug discovery.  Our Center for Primary Cell Innovation pushes the edges of technology, with regular advancements developed in collaboration with academic & industry experts.  All products research use only.


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