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이 름 관리자 이메일 www. bosterbio.com
제 목 Boster bioscience 의 Korea 대리점 입니다.(korea distributor)

질좋고 값이 싸서 연구자들에게 정말 도움이 되는 Boster Bioscience (www.bosterbio.com)의  여러 가지 제품을 만나 보세요.

Boster History

20+ years of expertise

Founded in 1993 by famed histologist Steven Xia, Boster Bio is an antibody manufacturer specializing in IHC-ready antibodies and high-sensitivity ELISA kits. We have spent the last 20 years perfecting our techniques and technology to produce the highest quality antibodies and ELISA kits, earning us the trust of researchers worldwide and over 14,000 citations.


Boster Capabilities

focused, reliable manufacturing

Boster Bio manufactures all our antibodies and ELISA kits in-house from start to finish. Our team of antibody and ELISA experts has over 20 years of experience optimizing every step of the antibody production process to make the best antibodies for IHC, WB and ELISA. This allows us to uphold the highest quality standard. Boster product lines are actively expanding with new antibodies and ELISA kits every month. Collaborations are welcome.

Why Boster

Boster takes painstaking steps to ensure product quality and to provide the customers comprehensive data upfront. Our antibodies are tested with real tissues to ensure enough affinity with endogenous level of target proteins. In addition, we also validate our antibodies in a quantitative fashion by testing them on known quantities of recombinant proteins so that you know what to expect if there is 1ng, 2.5ng or 5ng of the target protein in the sample. Our Picokine ELISA kits are empowered by our proprietary coating and blocking technology to achieve picogram level sensitivity and minimum background. We thoroughly test and document the inter and intra assay variabilities for each batch of the ELISA kit and ensure inter batch consistency so that you can generate good, reproducible results. We take pride in our quality standard and we transparently share our validation data so you can get better data with less time, less money and less frustration.

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