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제 목 RTI 대리점 입니다. (Korea Distributor)
RTI 대리점 입니다. (Korea Distributor)
RTI 는 실험에 필요로 하는 요소를 맞춤 제공합니다.
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The RTI Clinical Research team excels at constructing a comprehensive plan tailored to each client's specific study needs. RTI is capable of integrating any and all of the following into a successful animal health trial:

Protocol development and construction
Animal procurement
Flexible facility scheduling
Biosecurity advisement
Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
High standard of animal husbandry
Precise data capture with quality assurance department
Clear, efficient communication
End of study reporting
Manuscript composition

Our combined laboratory and clinical expertise makes us a great choice for a wide spectrum of animal trials including:

Proof of concept
Vaccine efficacy
Vaccine safety
Duration of immunity
Pharmacology efficacy and tissue residue
Feed additive efficacy and performance

Laboratory Research Services
The RTI Laboratory Staff has years of laboratory experience and offers a wide range of expertise in the following:

Assay Development and Validation
-Immunofluorescence assays 
-Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA)

-Virus isolation and identification
-Virus propagation and maintenance

-Aerobic and anaerobic culturing
-Isolation and identification
-Propagation and maintenance
-Kirby-Bauer susceptibility
-Minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) susceptibility testing

-Flow cytometry
-Cytokine analysis
-Lymphocyte proliferation
-Cytotoxicity/ Cell viability

Molecular Biology

-Complete blood counts (CBC's)
-Slide differentials

-Serum neutralization

Clinical Support and Study Design

Vaccine Development for Manufacturing

The Vision & Mission of RTI
RTI’s vision is to be the veterinary research company of choice for biology research and product improvement. This vision is our commitment to clients, employees, owners and our community.

It is RTI’s mission to bring the best value and innovation to the biological segment of the food producing animal industry.  We will do this by providing the highest quality in research and laboratory services for product development, improvement, licensing and safety assurance.

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